Entry #3

Didn’t get any writing done on Valentine’s day but I was able to load the newest addition of the Dark Murmurings series onto Amazon which in itself, takes a lot of time.

Here is a short layout of the procedure:

I do all my writing on Scrivener.  From there, I compile the manuscript to .epub format.

Once that is done, I take that compiled file and import it into Sigil where I pretty it up a bit.

Once that is done, I import the prettier file into Kindle previewer where you can see exactly how your book will look on a Kindle reader.  The program also converts your .epub file into a .mobi file.

Then it is off to Amazon.

Sound easy right?  Wrong!

I sometimes have to do this process like three to four times before I am satisfied with the layout.

Anyway.  Once I was happy, all the smaller details have to be added.  Search keywords and categories and those nice things.

I tried to be clever and used the words Stephen King in one of the keyword slots when loading onto Amazon.  I mean, how many people search for his books every day right?  Surely my cover should attract at least 0.5% of his readers.

Hmm, apparently, that is not allowed.  Can’t blame a girl for trying hey.

Anyway, hope you all had a fabulous valentine’s day.

Total word count: 0  (But at least I have another title on Amazon – that’s a win in my book)


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