Entry #1…

This morning I pledged to make a diary entry about my life, the life of an indie-author with a nine to five, or in my case, a six to three day job.

Now, my life is not all that exciting but it is real.  No sugar coatings and no exaggerations.

This blogging diary will show day to day struggles on how I try to build my writing career.

Here goes nothing…

Just after I wrote the blog post, our internet went down at work.  We work on a server so if the network is down, everybody runs around like headless chicken and panic because now they can’t work.

Not me… I’m thankful when technology fails us (at work)

I was like, oh yeah!  I used that time to work on my next novel.  As soon as I started, the words just flew out of me.  Since finishing book 1 in this particular series, I took a break of about a month and a half.  When I started writing, I realized how much I missed the characters I created in book 1.

I know this sounds silly but imagine this…  I spent five months working on that novel.  During those five months, I created (gave birth) to characters who I shaped and formed to my liking.  Then for the next five months, I spent at least an hour talking to them, loving them, hating them.

One does gro attached to them, you know.

The internet came back on and I had to get back to work…

For the rest of the day, through stolen minutes, I uploaded my profile on Up Works, hoping to get some freelance work to help pay my way to a full-time career.  I received some feedback on one of my short stories and I decided to look for alternative employment.  Something closer to home and possibly with shorter hours.

I tweeted some promotional material on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (because apparently, one has to have a strong social media presence if you want to be noticed)

Oh yes, before I forget, I checked my sales report on Amazon this morning and found a rather pleasant review on one of my short stories.  I’ll tell you something, even though my goal is to make a living from my writing, sometimes, a good review is more satisfying than a sale.

That is it for now… hope you all sleep well.



Total word count: 1413



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