Set in South Africa and loosely based on actual events, Electus per Deus is an intense and gripping read from start to finish. Members of the Victory in Jesus ministry have been threatened before, but Natalie is in more danger than she realises when one evening she hears someone at her door.
Detective Mathew McKenzie has been rumoured to possess psychic abilities, making him the natural lead detective on a case that is going to send him to the depths of devastation and back again.

Definitely worth a read for anyone who enjoys the paranormal/occult genre. Give it a miss if you’re looking for an ending that makes you smile. You won’t. Pheasant has done an incredible job on her first book, and while improvements to technique can be made – I don’t doubt for a second that she will be getting ever stronger in her writing and audience. I finished this book in a day and really, who can find fault in books that leave you desperate to turn the page for more?

Robyn, Blogger / Reviewer

Electus per Deus: Selected by God is Inspired by a true South African story.

Bianca Pheasant is an exceptional author! When reading I was so drawn into the book I almost felt that I was one of the characters in the book. The descriptions are blood curdling. A gripping and spell-binding thriller with an unexpected twist at the end …

– Pearl Seigel, Editor

Based on true events, this intrigued me from the instant I opened it. I do recall how at one time cults made the news in SA and therefore wanted to read this. The title alone grabbed my attention – what does it mean? Where will this story go?

In one sense this is an easy read, because the author has a flowing style. She doesn’t complicate it; she tells it like it is, and I appreciated that tremendously. In another sense this is also harrowing, and that is due to the subject matter. As a work of fiction, one can read with equanimity, but knowing there is truth behind it causes one to shiver.

The most amazing feature, though, is the author’s characterisation. We are in the minds of the characters, and the story is told from that perspective, rather than concentrating on the brutality of events. Again, I appreciated that.

Please do read this, if only to understand what havoc cults can cause. Well done to the author; a difficult subject well handled!

– Elaina J. Davidson, Editor

What a talented author!! The book has captured my imagination from beginning to end! Looking forward to read more of her books.

– Lalla Naude, Beta-reader

This book is awesome.

The author has a brilliant mind and has a way to make you feel as if you are in the situation yourself.
I could not stop reading.
It has been a while since I have read such an intriguing book.

Can’t wait for the next book.

-Nellie Snooke, Beta-reader