Drugs, abuse, and humiliation are part of everyday life for young Kyndra Abbott, an extraordinary beautiful 25-year-old prostitute working the streets of Chicago.  She found herself working as a ‘lady of the night’ against her will when life took her down a path she never knew existed.  Living under a tyrant pimp, she can feel her life and every last shred of self-worth slip away from her.  When she finally decided to give up and end it all, she found her savior, confined in a dirty old cardboard box next to a smelly dumpster.

Origin-Book 1 of the Mama’s Retribution series is near completion.

The first chapter is available for download right here.


Cover Change

Quick update on Electus per Deus.

I was recently informed that I needed to change the cover to improve sales and movement of this novel.  After a lot deliberation, I complied.

This is the result of my obedience…