Entry #10 – Sick leave

Yes, I’m still alive even though my social media presence testifies differently.  So for the last few days, I’ve been as useless as the ‘g’in lasagne.

Anywho, at least I was able to get some writing done.  I finished The Black Widow and started chapter two of Karma.

Not much to blabber about today because one thing about being sick is when you get back to work, there is always a mountain of work waiting for you.

Total word count:

The Black Widow: 1939

Karma : 1306

Entry #9 – Better the devil you know

I will never forget this year’s Valentine’s day when Jacob Zuma delivered his resignation.  This country boomed with excitement and newfound hope.

I am not one to talk politics but the next day I responded to a post on Facebook.  The new president was being praised because finally, the old corrupted one was out.  My response was this… We shall see.

Yesterday’s budget meeting…  Not only will fuel prices rise with over 50c but so will our tax.  Was this the right decision or just an easy fix to one of Zuma’s disasters?

I’m not an expert and maybe the president was right in believing that these difficult choices had to be made to ensure a better future; referring to employment and better education.

My response remains the same… We shall see.

Anyway, I know this has nothing to do with my writing career but hey, politics are part of life, whether we like it or not.

Entry #8

I was as productive as an eraser yesterday.  The day job was just too much for me.  I got home, slouched on the couch, where I spent my evening.  I didn’t open my laptop or even think about writing. 

Sometimes one needs to just take a breather.

This morning I got out of bed and felt like I got hit by a train.

My head hurts and I am lightheaded and dizzy.

I think I am too stressed.  I am under unfathomable pressure at work and my desire to succeed in my writing career drives me to push myself too hard.

Anyway, I’ll go see the doc and maybe I am lucky enough to be booked off for a day or two. (Think of all the writing I can do during that time)

See you tomorrow, whoever you are.  If you are even there.

Total word count: 000

Entry #7

When I saw this picture last week I had to chuckle because that is how I feel every time I watch a movie or want to go to bed.  I mean I have a goal to reach, right?  Surely one can survive on three hours of sleep per night?

Anyway, yesterday I revised chapter one of Karma and wrote another scene of The Black Widow.  One more scene left then that will be finished as well.

I have to tell you… that short story I am busy with now…!

It really blew me away.  We as writers have it the best.  We have the privilege to not only write our stories but be just as surprised by the outcome as our readers.

I’ve written books with an intended ending but turned out completely different.  Characters I never knew existed would pop up between the pages and leave their mark in the most extraordinary impacts.

Have the best day!

Word count: I have no clue. (Lol)

Entry #6

Everybody that knows me will be familiar with my love for Mondays.  I absolutely HATE Mondays.  There is a lot of reasons for that and we will not get into that in this post.

This morning, however, I’m going to try and be a bit more positive.   Instead of downright deciding that because it’s Monday it will automatically be a bad day, I’ve put on my positive pants and I’m grabbing the bull by the horns.  (The bull’s name is Monday, by the way)

So let’s get down to business…

Remember I said that I published my last book wide instead of exclusively on Amazon?  Well, at the moment it’s published on Kobo, Apple, Barnes&Noble, Playster and a few more.  Haven’t looked at the sales dashboards for those sites yet because I haven’t really started a marketing plan yet.  I’m kind of just winging it at the moment-which is sooooo not the way of doing it.

I really need to sharpen up my marketing skills… anyone out there willing to take that burden off my hands?  

You might ask me why I don’t just sit and learn the skills?  My answer?  NOT IN A MONTH OF MONDAYS!!!  Can you imagine having a month of Mondays?  I for one do not even want to think about it.

On to other news, my next short story, The Black Widow is nearing completion… the same goes for Karma, the second installment of Mama’s Retribution.

All in all, I think I had a productive weekend.  Didn’t get as much writing done as I would have like to but at least there is definitely progress.

That’s it for now.  I wish you the best week ever!

Total word counts:

The Black Widow: 1269

Karma: 977


Entry #5

Saturday mornings are my absolute favorite.  This entry was actually supposed to be done last night but I was bushed.

I had a good writing day yesterday and decided last night to spend some time with the family.

We watched Daddy’s home 2, it was a great laugh.

Anyway, I’m not going to make an entry for Saturdays and Sunday because my life is not that exciting and I will only bore you to death.  I will do a recap of the weekend on Monday mornings.

Have a great weekend you all.

Total word count: 1076

Project: The Black Widow

Entry #4

Day four my blogging diary…

Today was a good day.  I started writing a piece in the first person pov (point of view).
Let me tell you, that is just the strangest thing.  I’ve never written anything from this point of view and I have to be honest, it kind of freaks me out…

Let me explain…

It’s easy to write how some woman stabs a man and because she finds blood fascinating, she rubs it all over her face and licking it from her fingers.  To write in first pov, I have to become that woman.  The one loving the taste of blood and finding it hilarious to poke my finger into the stab wound.  See what I mean about being freaked out?

Other than that, I think I did quite well.  And I enjoyed it just a tiny bit.  Nah… I’m joking.  Once I got over the weirdness of putting myself into a deranged killer’s head, I actually enjoyed myself.

Onto other news, I’m conducting a little experiment.

My latest short story, Harvest is being published wide and not kept exclusively on Amazon.  Amazon has a feature called KDP select.  All of my books are published with KDP select but I have to be honest and say that I can’t tell if it has actually been beneficial at all…

So now I’m trying a different method, publishing not only on Amazon but Kobo and D2D as well.  Hopefully, I’ll see some promising results.


Lastly, I almost landed a ghostwriting gig.  Glad to see my profile on Fiverr is being noticed.

Have a fabulous evening you all.


Total word count:  1113

Project: The Black Widow

Entry #3

Didn’t get any writing done on Valentine’s day but I was able to load the newest addition of the Dark Murmurings series onto Amazon which in itself, takes a lot of time.

Here is a short layout of the procedure:

I do all my writing on Scrivener.  From there, I compile the manuscript to .epub format.

Once that is done, I take that compiled file and import it into Sigil where I pretty it up a bit.

Once that is done, I import the prettier file into Kindle previewer where you can see exactly how your book will look on a Kindle reader.  The program also converts your .epub file into a .mobi file.

Then it is off to Amazon.

Sound easy right?  Wrong!

I sometimes have to do this process like three to four times before I am satisfied with the layout.

Anyway.  Once I was happy, all the smaller details have to be added.  Search keywords and categories and those nice things.

I tried to be clever and used the words Stephen King in one of the keyword slots when loading onto Amazon.  I mean, how many people search for his books every day right?  Surely my cover should attract at least 0.5% of his readers.

Hmm, apparently, that is not allowed.  Can’t blame a girl for trying hey.

Anyway, hope you all had a fabulous valentine’s day.

Total word count: 0  (But at least I have another title on Amazon – that’s a win in my book)


Entry #2

Today was not as productive as yesterday.  Work got in the way of… well, everything.  We had a stable internet connection and a stable workflow.

When I arrived home, I revised the 1413 words I wrote yesterday and then I revised my latest short story ‘Harvest’

So, one could say that today was revision day.

I did some more research in freelance writing and I have to say, I’m quite keen on the idea.  If I could land a decent freelance job, I could quit my day job sooner than originally planned.

Anyway, I am sorry that today had lack of excitement but hopefully, tomorrow will be better.  It is Valentine’s day after all.

See ya tomorrow then!

Total word count: +/- 300

Entry #1…

This morning I pledged to make a diary entry about my life, the life of an indie-author with a nine to five, or in my case, a six to three day job.

Now, my life is not all that exciting but it is real.  No sugar coatings and no exaggerations.

This blogging diary will show day to day struggles on how I try to build my writing career.

Here goes nothing…

Just after I wrote the blog post, our internet went down at work.  We work on a server so if the network is down, everybody runs around like headless chicken and panic because now they can’t work.

Not me… I’m thankful when technology fails us (at work)

I was like, oh yeah!  I used that time to work on my next novel.  As soon as I started, the words just flew out of me.  Since finishing book 1 in this particular series, I took a break of about a month and a half.  When I started writing, I realized how much I missed the characters I created in book 1.

I know this sounds silly but imagine this…  I spent five months working on that novel.  During those five months, I created (gave birth) to characters who I shaped and formed to my liking.  Then for the next five months, I spent at least an hour talking to them, loving them, hating them.

One does gro attached to them, you know.

The internet came back on and I had to get back to work…

For the rest of the day, through stolen minutes, I uploaded my profile on Up Works, hoping to get some freelance work to help pay my way to a full-time career.  I received some feedback on one of my short stories and I decided to look for alternative employment.  Something closer to home and possibly with shorter hours.

I tweeted some promotional material on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (because apparently, one has to have a strong social media presence if you want to be noticed)

Oh yes, before I forget, I checked my sales report on Amazon this morning and found a rather pleasant review on one of my short stories.  I’ll tell you something, even though my goal is to make a living from my writing, sometimes, a good review is more satisfying than a sale.

That is it for now… hope you all sleep well.



Total word count: 1413